I’m Nick Walsh and I’m a freelance web developer based in York, UK. I specialise in PHP, WordPress and Magento theming. I’m also quite nifty with CSS. I’ve been a freelance developer for the past 2 years, though I have been worked on websites for over 10 years. From powerful ecommerce sites for businesses to more simple blog sites for individuals.

Previous to this, I’ve run an online record shop for the past 7 years which was set up with a Prince’s Trust loan and a book on PHP. In recent years, I’ve felt the brunt of the downturn in the music retail market and have decided to turn my hand to the other thing I’m passionate about; developing standards compliant, accessible, data-driven websites.

Much of my work as a freelance developer has been as a hired expert for other web development companies. You can see some of this work in the portfolio section. Whether you’re looking to make an ecommerce site, a brochure site or a blog, I can customise it to your satisfaction. When I’m not tapping away on a keyboard, I also enjoy collecting vinyl records and hill walking.

I graduated from a degree in Computing: Systems and Databases in 2003 and have a lot of knowledge of the design and implementation of optimised, data-driven systems. This has always been an interest of mine and I can help you develop both the client and server sides of your website. I am also covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance, upto £250’000 should anything happen to your data or computer equipment.

If you’re interested in hiring me, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact form.